What is a pocket neighborhood?

If you wanted to simply define a Pocket Neighborhood, it would be a group of houses designed around a shared common area. The thing is, Pocket Neighborhoods cannot be defined simply because they are so unique. It would be like trying to define a feeling. How do you put into the words the feeling of community, of security, and friendship?

A Pocket Neighborhood is not just a place to live, it is a place to enhance your life. It is a place of shared values, of personable connections. It is an evening of bocce ball and watching the sunset. It is a shared bottle of wine and an inside joke among neighbors. It is an afternoon with your hands in the fresh soil, watching your shared garden thrive.

A Pocket Neighborhood is many things, and it is made up of many feelings.

“I’ve looked for years and there is nothing like this – it is magical, I’m so happy I’m living here”

– Dee (Resident)

Know your Neighbor

Keller Court Commons was built with people in mind. From the very beginning, the concept of the Pocket Neighborhood has been built around people with shared values. It is a unique, sustainable environment that prides itself on community and security. Keller Court goes beyond knowing your neighbor’s face and first name. The design allows the community to be at the forefront. It is a quintessential idea for which life was the inspiration. Most housing developments focus on making homes as separate as possible; however, our properties were built to facilitate connection while still offering privacy within the home.

“It is a unique place…”  – Sharon (Resident)

You Live in a Park, not a Parking Lot

The community was developed by Jim Soules who pioneered the pocket neighborhood concept with seven communities in the Seattle area – see soulescompany.com. KCC reflects Jim’s prior experience of homes clustered on a landscaped courtyard and parking off an alley, but with a modern lively design. Cars are moved to the back of each home, allowing the focus of each property to be the inviting front porch and the community area with the immaculate Sonoma Mountain commanding the view.

The community plan is an open courtyard with striking views of Sonoma Mountain. Each home has a detached garage wired for a future electric vehicle charger on its own electric meter. A unique Commons Building, with adjacent patio and bocce court, provides a place for parties, potlucks, and gatherings.